Meet a LeadGenius: Imran Khodabaksh

Do you know Imran? If you don’t, you definitely should. Imran is one of our Premier Managers and he is easily one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Meticulous and passionate, Imran brings his “A Game” to every project of which he plays a part. He is committed to ensuring that work gets done on time and to the highest possible standards.

Here are three quick facts about Imran:

  1. Imran recently moved from Kenya to Cheshire, England to pursue his longtime dream of earning his MBA.Don’t worry! He’ll still be working with MobileWorks while he attends school.
  2. Over the course of his career, Imran has always endeavored to put himself in positions where his leadership skills can shine. Knowing exactly what he wants out of life is the driving force behind his decision to join MobileWorks.
  3. In his free time, Imran rescues abandoned kittens and helps them find forever homes.

Q: So I hear you’re putting yourself through graduate school.

A: Yes. For my MBA.

Q: Why did you make the decision to pursue an MBA?

A: Well, I live in Kenya and I’ve always wanted to do an MBA. I’ve been in leadership positions my whole life and I believe that an MBA would give me the skills necessary to excel further in this field.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working with MobileWorks?

A: I love that I get to interact with people from all over the world. I also love that I get to help Premiers grow and improve into true professionals.

Q: What advice do you have for MobileWorkers who are just getting started out?

A: My advice for new MobileWorkers would be to strive higher. They should give it their best and always push themselves and set new goals to achieve. That is, if they are Premiers, they should aim to become Project Leads and so on and so forth.

We are so thrilled to have great Premier Managers like Imran Khodabaksh on our team. Their passion and client-minded focus is one of the keys to our success.

My favorite quote is “It’s good to dream. Only when you dream do you realize the true taste of success when you finally have it.”

Happy International Happiness Day!

Since July 12, 2012 the UN has celebrated March 20th as the international day of happiness. This declaration recognizes happiness as a fundamental human right. This expands the vision of development as more than economic growth; real development is inclusive of social and environmental well-being too.

At MobileWorks we are committed to fostering a happy, collaborative online community. We promote happiness and bonding in lots of ways–playing weekly games, sharing photos, and celebrating each others’ birthdays.

These endeavors have real impact in our workers’ lives. Our workers overwhelmingly agree that they are proud to tell people about their MobileWorks job, that they feel their work is meaningful, that they feel a part of a community. These sentiments have tangible benefits for us and for our clients.

We believe that happy people do better work. Happy people stick around and create great relationships with our clients. Happy people are fun collaborative partners.

To see how we’re doing, we asked our community how MobileWorks has changed their lives. Here are a few of their responses:

“I have met a lot of friends from other places and it is overwhelming to know more about their culture and our differences. Respect is the main ingredient why I am here. Second, responsibility and lastly, love of work.”

“Through MobileWorks I have a stable source of income. This has reduced my daily worries of lunch and supper. I’m happy. I’m able to support my parents, my sister and my girlfriend.”

“The opportunity to spend time with my family and earn money too gives me immense satisfaction. Even though I’m with my family I’m not wasting my talents. I have the option to choose my own time to work. I am so excited and happy  to be working with MobileWorks.”

We are constantly developing new ways for our community to bond with each other, foster delightful client relationships, and develop professionally. These endeavors pay off for our workers and our clients.

So today we wish you all a happy happiness day!

Here’s to recognizing and promoting happiness in the world around us!

Digital Jam 3.0 Inspires Caribbean Startup Ecosystem

Our Eastern Caribbean and Jamaica trainings culminated at the University of the West Indies this weekend at Digital Jam 3.0. The conference brought together great minds from start-ups and accelerators across the Caribbean and abroad to discuss how to create a thriving start-up ecosystem.

Julian Robinson, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining, kicked off the conference discussing Jamaica’s plan for supporting technological innovation (including developing an angel investment network).

Sunday’s main event was the apps competition drawing over 160 app submissions from countries including Jamaica, Barbados, and Dominica.

Finalists in four categories, including “gamechangers” and “stunning beginners” live demoed their apps for a panelist of judges.

Throughout the event we met lots of inspiring youth and young entrepreneurs. Here Anna-Lisa and Brianna are interviewing with the KiDz Hub radio station. We wish we would have been creating such change when we were 15 years old!

We continued to spread the world about online work opportunities at four MobileWorks training sessions during the conference. Again, youth wowed us with their skills and interests.

Special thanks to the World Bank & Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States for inviting us to attend the conference and share online work opportunities with so many incredible young people!

Connecting Job Opportunities to Skilled Jamaican Youth

Continuing our commitment to providing online job opportunities to youth who most need them, the MobileWorks teamed up this week with the World Bank & others to provide job trainings for 100 Jamaican youth.

These local trainings provide us the chance to connect with youth on the ground  to learn more about the availability of local jobs, what skills are needed, and fair wages in the area.

Things we’ve learned so far on our trip:

  1. Youth unemployment is a major issue–average unemployment rate of 38.5% for youth age 18-24
  2. Youth who are unemployed have often graduated college or high school and have tangible skills. We’ve met students with skills in Photoshop; website development; app coding; customer service; etc.
  3. Even though youth have passed high school or graduated from college there are few opportunities for them to work and deploy & grow their skills

So far we’ve had the opportunity to speak with and train 60 students at the Northern Caribbean University & 40 youth in the Youth Upliftment Through Employment (YUTE) program. Many of the students had a background in IT, computer science, customer service, marketing, among others.

In these sessions, students were engaged connecting online opportunities to skills they need to develop personally and professionally. Students often asked, “I have 3 years of customer service experience, will that help me in my application? Can I learn more about customer service as a MobileWorker?” “My dad runs a stone business. Will this online work opportunity teach me more about business fundamentals?” “I’m interested in tourism and hospitality. What can I learn as a MobileWorker?”Youth in Jamaica clearly see the link between skills and employability. The students we met were hungry for opportunities to shine. They have skills and only lack the avenue to show off and be paid for them.

During our trainings we walked youth through the MobileWorker application process and explained how our community works–join a team; make friends; ask questions; develop your skills; earn fair hourly wages.So far we’ve had over 130 new applicants from youth across the Caribbean. And we’re just ramping up with three more training sessions at the Digital Jam 3.0 conference this weekend.

We can’t contain our enthusiasm at the opportunity to share online work with so many inspiring youth and their mentors. So get ready for some amazing work coming from youth in the Caribbean!

MobileWorks, The World Bank & OECS Team Up & Train Caribbean Youth

This past week, representatives from the MobileWorks team joined the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and The World Bank in an effort to educate and raise awareness around employment opportunities available to skilled workers in the Caribbean via online platforms. We were thrilled with the turnout at training sessions at Dominica College in Dominica, the Caribbean Development Bank in Barbados, and The Ministry of Technology and Education in Grenada. We garnered over 30+ trainees each session, ranging in age from 18-35, and all of which held college level degrees or were in the process of earning a degree.

This effort is part of a larger effort, DigitalJam 3.0, which aims to address the issue of youth unemployment in the region through opportunists in the technology field. 

“Through workshops on app development and online work platforms, they can become part of a global workforce, even become entrepreneurs. At the 2-day conference it is our intention start the conversation between Regional & Global leaders in the tech field and these talented youth, hopefully leading to greater opportunities for them starting now.” – Carolyn Lazarus, Digital Jam 3.0

In the Caribbean young professionals tend to be in their teens upon graduating. This poses a challenge upon entering a limited workforce. Platforms like MobileWorks allow young professionals to develop skills and build their resumes enabling them to be more competitive and skilled for local jobs. Essentially, the MobileWorks platform encourages productivity while adding a competitive advantage. Young professionals feel empowered through the work we provide.

“To most, “seeing is believing” and in this globally competitive society it is important to bring practical solutions to the Caribbean that are not scams. From Silicon Valley to the Caribbean, MobileWorks representatives have brought these opportunities to the typical islander through the Digital Jam 3.0 initiative.

Our team was pleased to take part in this journey. MobileWorks is far more than a technology startup, we stand by our mission of creating access to online job opportunities for skilled individuals across the globe, regardless of locally available job opportunities.

“The introduction of innovative services like MobileWorks is a significant opportunity for Caribbean nationals as we look to compete in the online global society. This platform moves us beyond the basic concepts of information technology into a more practical use of technology by aiding to alleviate the problem of unemployment in the region. MobileWorks is an innovative company providing e-Lancing opportunities that removes the geographic barriers to employment.” – Marlon Marie, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

A call to support our community of workers in the Philippines.

Our CrowdTilt campaign to support disaster relief in the Philippines closes in 48 hours! Please help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 to support victims devastated by Typhoon Haiyan!

Many of our most talented workers are located in the Philippines.

We’re overjoyed to let you know that two of our most dedicated workers–Anne and Joane from Tacloban took refuge in Manila immediately after the storm but are now back bringing aid to their friends and family, who currently lack resources and support.

Anne & Joane have been with us since the very beginning of MobileWorks. If you were one of our early users your projects were almost certainly completed by these two tireless ladies. We’d love to have your support as they help rebuild their communities.

A donation at any level will be appreciated.  100% of contributions will go to the Kapuso Foundation to support disaster and medical relief services. (This foundation was recommended by one of our workers in the Philippines!)

To join us in support, click here.

Our workers and their communities thank you!

Support workers & their communities in the Philippines


At MobileWorks we employ people from all over the world–always seeking to employ high impact populations wherever they may be. As you may or may not know, many of our best workers live in the Philippines.

The Philippines is currently experiencing  a super typhoon with flooding and severe damage across the Southern part of the country. Wind gusts of up to 200 mph make this one of the worst storms ever recorded. To show our support to our workers, their families, and their communities in the Philippines, we’ve started a donation campaign here.
100% of contributions will go to the Kapuso Foundation to support disaster and medical relief services. (This foundation was recommended to one of our workers in the Philippines!)
Please note that if you have a dedicated staffer in the Philippines, there may be delays in updates for your work as many of these workers have been displaced from their homes and may not have access to the internet. Premier workers from other locations will be sending updates to projects as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we help workers reorganize!
We appreciate all your love and support for our workers and their communities! We’ll pass the love along.
To join us in support, click here.

Have you met Arianne, our June Premier of the Month?

We’re lucky to have Arianne working with MobileWorks. She’s had the opportunity to lead many projects and could be working on your next submission!

“I will only walk this road once, I might as well make the most of it.”

I was born on September 9,1984 in Manila, Philippines. I’m a Marketing Management graduate and a pursuer of dreams. I have a strong interest in business management as I was influenced by my family’s business from a very young age. I’m also a music lover, hobbyist cook, reader, shopper, and fashionista. Life to me is about passion, freedom and love.

Interested in our wonderful Premiers working on your next project? Contact us at!

Meet Dallas: MobileWorker extraordinaire!

We were lucky enough to have Dallas, one of our awesome Bay Area-based MobileWorkers, stop by in the office today!  Dallas does phenomenal work as part of our local Premier team, and we’re happy to have him onboard.

It was great to meet Dallas in person.  We’d love to meet you all!  Let us know if you’re in the Berkeley area and want to stop by – and we’ll let you know when we’re traveling around.

10,000 new microwork jobs in Jamaica

We’re pleased to announce that MobileWorks has just made a deal facilitated by the Jamaican government to use MobileWorks as the centerpiece of a brand new online work industry for the country.

MobileWorks was chosen due to our stated commitment to “fair trade” work practices and the technical openness of our platform — anyone can build out their own service applications to market in the West and generate local work, and young developers in Jamaica have already started building local businesses on MobileWorks.

As far as I know, this is the first time a government has embraced the potential of crowd work as an alternative industry to traditional employment models: they are explicitly rejecting traditional models of working with conventional outsourcing providers and large companies, and picking up crowdsourcing as the future of work for Jamaica and a model for high-unemployment regions in the Caribbean.

The hope is that as crowd computing and microwork expands, it will disrupt and replace the knowledge outsourcing industry that’s been owned by India and China.
You can read the story in the Jamaican press, here and here.