NBC News: Putting Veterans to Work

MobileWorks CEO, Anand Kuklarni, appeared on NBC’s Press:Here to discuss our mission to support veterans.

Celebrating the 4th of July is far more than fireworks and hot dogs, it’s a day of remembrance. A day which inspires us to look back at our founding fathers and what they did to help build this nation into what it is today.

Today, we’re experiencing a rise in employment. Why? Freedom.

We’re free to build and we’re free to innovate. This is the land of the free and our veterans paved the way.

We should give back. MobileWorks is giving back. Our team strives to alleviate poverty by creating meaningful access to digital work at fair wages to our veterans that deserve an opportunity to thrive.



Building Massive Lead Lists Through Outsourcing

This week LeadGenius founder and CEO, Anand Kulkarni, ventured to the east coast to participate in the Sales Hacker Series – Hacking Lead Gen in New York city. His session titled, “Building Massive Lead Lists Through Outsourcing” spoke to an effective way to drive leads by outsourcing prospecting.


Digital Jam 3.0 Inspires Caribbean Startup Ecosystem

Our Eastern Caribbean and Jamaica trainings culminated at the University of the West Indies this weekend at Digital Jam 3.0. The conference brought together great minds from start-ups and accelerators across the Caribbean and abroad to discuss how to create a thriving start-up ecosystem.

Julian Robinson, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining, kicked off the conference discussing Jamaica’s plan for supporting technological innovation (including developing an angel investment network).

Sunday’s main event was the apps competition drawing over 160 app submissions from countries including Jamaica, Barbados, and Dominica.

Finalists in four categories, including “gamechangers” and “stunning beginners” live demoed their apps for a panelist of judges.

Throughout the event we met lots of inspiring youth and young entrepreneurs. Here Anna-Lisa and Brianna are interviewing with the KiDz Hub radio station. We wish we would have been creating such change when we were 15 years old!

We continued to spread the world about online work opportunities at four MobileWorks training sessions during the conference. Again, youth wowed us with their skills and interests.

Special thanks to the World Bank & Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States for inviting us to attend the conference and share online work opportunities with so many incredible young people!

Connecting Job Opportunities to Skilled Jamaican Youth

Continuing our commitment to providing online job opportunities to youth who most need them, the MobileWorks teamed up this week with the World Bank & others to provide job trainings for 100 Jamaican youth.

These local trainings provide us the chance to connect with youth on the ground  to learn more about the availability of local jobs, what skills are needed, and fair wages in the area.

Things we’ve learned so far on our trip:

  1. Youth unemployment is a major issue–average unemployment rate of 38.5% for youth age 18-24
  2. Youth who are unemployed have often graduated college or high school and have tangible skills. We’ve met students with skills in Photoshop; website development; app coding; customer service; etc.
  3. Even though youth have passed high school or graduated from college there are few opportunities for them to work and deploy & grow their skills

So far we’ve had the opportunity to speak with and train 60 students at the Northern Caribbean University & 40 youth in the Youth Upliftment Through Employment (YUTE) program. Many of the students had a background in IT, computer science, customer service, marketing, among others.

In these sessions, students were engaged connecting online opportunities to skills they need to develop personally and professionally. Students often asked, “I have 3 years of customer service experience, will that help me in my application? Can I learn more about customer service as a MobileWorker?” “My dad runs a stone business. Will this online work opportunity teach me more about business fundamentals?” “I’m interested in tourism and hospitality. What can I learn as a MobileWorker?”Youth in Jamaica clearly see the link between skills and employability. The students we met were hungry for opportunities to shine. They have skills and only lack the avenue to show off and be paid for them.

During our trainings we walked youth through the MobileWorker application process and explained how our community works–join a team; make friends; ask questions; develop your skills; earn fair hourly wages.So far we’ve had over 130 new applicants from youth across the Caribbean. And we’re just ramping up with three more training sessions at the Digital Jam 3.0 conference this weekend.

We can’t contain our enthusiasm at the opportunity to share online work with so many inspiring youth and their mentors. So get ready for some amazing work coming from youth in the Caribbean!

ABC News: Berkeley startup MobileWorks revolutionizes outsourcing

Our founders and reddit founder Alexis Ohanian speak to the necessity of outsourcing work with a conscience on ABC News.

“MobileWorks is giving people halfway around the world a little piece of economic recovery.” – Jonathan Bloom

“What MobileWorks is proving is that there’s a smart business model to paying people well. To being responsible employers and that’s great because now it’s not just an emotional win. It’s not just an ethical win. It’s also a financial win and that’s powerful.” – Alexis Ohanian
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Without Their Permission book tour after party with reddit founder Alexis Ohanian

He came, he saw, he inspired.

Some of you may know Alexis Ohanian for redefining how we share and validate information on the web- the founding of reddit. Others may know him for helping launch hipmunk, his work with SOPA & PIPA and for his recent addition as a Y Combinator partner.

We all know him as a visionary and a voice of our generation. By generation, I’m referring to those that have grown up with the evolution of the Internet.

What’s he up to now? Alexis has embarked on an 100 stop, 65 college, 5 month long tour promoting internet entrepreneurship, which lead to a  lecture at the UC Berkeley Campus. Following his lecture he stopped by MobileWorks HQ in downtown Berkley. This called for an after party.


It’s only natural that Alexis has become an advocate and trusted advisor of MobileWorks, we’re redefining how the world works…literally. We’re leveraging technology and the internet to provide jobs to skilled workers around the world. Alexis took part in the syndication of valuable information around the world and in turn provided the necessary tools to help educate. We’re now identifying those that are educated and should have jobs however simply lack access.

Thank you Alexis and thanks to everyone that stopped by our office!

Team MobileWorks
Party Pics:


Fox Business: MobileWorks, finding workers via the cloud [Video]

Watch now.

Our founder and CEO, Anand Kulkarni, appeared on Fox Business this week to discuss how MobileWorksharnesses the power of the crowd to connect high-skilled workers with companies in need of manpower.

“This is the next logical step…Companies are finding they need more flexibility than just hiring folks in their own backyards. If they find someone who is really talented, and willing to work 10-to-20 hours a week, they can hire that staffer no matter where they are in the world.”Kulkarni says

Although larger brands such as  Xerox and eBay currently leverage MobileWorks, we believe there’s a need for virtual workforces in the small/medium sized business markets. Scaling as a SMB  is a doubled-edged sword. Not only must you hire to remain competitive but you must remain competitive on a low budget.  SMB’s  generally lack the necessary resources to hire and scale efficiently. MobileWorks is helping ease the growing pains.

Watch now.

TechCrunch: Y Combinator Alum MobileWorks Aims To Make Acquiring Users Easier with LeadGenius

TechCrunch recently reviewed LeadGenius, a MobileWorks service providing customer acquisition as a service– a simplified solution for garnering new users and customers.

Excerpt from the article:

If you’re a company looking to drum up some new users, the process seems simple enough — you shell out your monthly fee depending on the level of support you need and let the LeadGenius team do its thing. That “thing” naturally involves plenty of conversations.

“They’ll come to us and talk about where they found their first users and what they look like,” Kulkarni explained. “From there we discuss where to find reproducible sources of users.” Once that team has dug into the meat of a business, they’ll start trawling sources like LinkedIn, Kickstarter, and even CrunchBase in search of leads that could stand to benefit from a client’s offerings. Of course, much of that legwork can be invisible to the company that requested it — LeadGenius handles some of the initial outreach and qualification so in the end that client company gets leads to try to seal the deal with.”

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Make Things [That You Know] People Want

Pick a startup and walk into their office (or garage, or dorm room, or co-working space), and there’s a good chance that someone has posted on a wall that familiar bit of entrepreneurial wisdom – “make things people want.”

The ubiquity of this phrase – like signs reminding employees that they have to wash their hands after using the bathroom – shows something about how hard it is to keep this goal in mind at all times, and what can happens when you forget. Sure, everyone wants to build something that people want. Many go beyond this, dreaming of building products that are so desirable that it quickly becomes irreplaceable, leaving people to wonder what people ever did before it came along.

But building something great, and building something great that people truly want are, unfortunately, not close to the same thing.

“Build it and they will come”

At the very earliest steps of creating something people want, the first step is often focusing on building something that you want – a better way to split the check, or a tool to simplify your workflow and keep your team in the loop. Then you ask your friends – they love it. Your mom loves it. Your coworkers love it.

But does anyone else?

And what do you do when you need to see if this is something other people want? What if you are building a product that is focused on solving problems that you don’t have?

You are going to need to talk to people – specifically, the same folks who you hope will be using and buying what you make.

“When designing for other people you have to be empirical. You can no longer guess what will work; you have to find users and measure their responses.” -PG

Determining product fit isn’t something that has to wait until after everything has been built – and selling the right product doesn’t always have to wait until it’s baked and sitting on the shelf. We think there’s a better way, and we want to make it as easy for startups and small companies to better reach out to potential customers and markets without stressing a team that’s already working on bringing an idea to life.

That’s why we launched LeadGenius, the easiest way to generate and research sales leads – so that your people can focus on what they do best, while we push the right people directly to you. It’s a tool that allows you to quickly get in front of people who will tell you exactly what they want – whether that’s what you are building, or not.

We think the time that you’d be spending finding the right people to talk to about your product is better served by actually creating your product. Our flexible teams don’t just send you lists – they research the space, contact potential customers, and set you up with the right people. We can even help you do ROI analysis, and handle your email outreach.

Markets that don’t exist don’t care how smart you are. Leadgenius makes it easy to get in front of the right people for your product, so you can get back to making the next thing that people want.


Want leads sent directly to your inbox? Check our our plans, or drop us a line.

Helping people learn skills in the Knowledge economy

One of the things that gets us excited here at MobileWorks is the opportunity to put our technology to use to find solutions to big social problems. Over the past several months, we’ve been working with a handful of organizations in New York on a pilot initiative that is very central to our social mission — enabling upward mobility in the Knowledge economy for underemployed or unemployed people.

Today, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and a handful of other local partners in New York, we’re excited to announce a series of pilot programs called LINK –Leveraging Innovations and our Neighborhoods in the Knowldge economy. The programs are designed to increase computer skills and strengthen employability of participants who’ve had limited or no access to formal computer training. The goal is to provide participants with training in computer basics–everything from word processing to photo editing–and at the same time give them the opportunity to do real-world projects using these skills to earn money while they learn. Students can take certifications to qualify to work on real-world tasks from real customers while putting their recently learned skills to the test. You can read the NYCEDC press release here.

This “Learn and Earn” platform was developed by MobileWorks by adapting our advaned crowdsourcing technology to help combat the challenges of digital literacy. We’re really excited and bullish about the potential of these typs of programs to make a difference in communities around the U.S. Interested in this type of program in your area?  Contact us and let us know how we might partner together.