What is LeadGenius?

LeadGenius is a powerful way to automate sales using a combination of virtual staffers and technology. It is currently used by hundreds of high-growth companies to accelerate their sales development operations.

LeadGenius lets companies rapidly scale sales by replacing in-office sales development hires with a network of thousands of virtual staffers backed by lead extraction and email prospecting software. Companies can automate and scale up their sales initiatives – including highly targeted lead generation, lead qualification, lead data enrichment, and outbound email/LinkedIn prospecting – to acquire customers and boost their top-line revenue. LeadGenius aggregates the data produced to create the world’s largest repository of accurate business leads.

LeadGenius is a product of MobileWorks, Inc., a Y Combinator company backed by some of the most prominent investors in Silicon Valley.

Product Features:

1. Data Analysis and Machine Learning: We’re producing the world’s largest database of up-to-date business leads, letting us predict both the most effective leads for a customer and the email messaging most likely to convert against their clients. This gives us economies of scale unmatched by in-house sales teams.

2. Metrics and A/B testing: Reporting actionable metrics about their sales results helps clients hone in on the best possible prospecting strategy. This enables a data-driven approach and testing against different market segments.

3.Collaboration and sales development tools: Our collaboration platform lets thousands of staffers work on tens of thousands of sales campaigns simultaneously. Built-in lead extraction tools let staffers pull information from a variety of sources.

4.Predictive Testing and QA: We use predictive testing to identify the best staffers for each activity. Automated QA tools check that the leads produced by our workers are reliable and accurate.

Check us out! 

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