Happy International Happiness Day!

Since July 12, 2012 the UN has celebrated March 20th as the international day of happiness. This declaration recognizes happiness as a fundamental human right. This expands the vision of development as more than economic growth; real development is inclusive of social and environmental well-being too.

At MobileWorks we are committed to fostering a happy, collaborative online community. We promote happiness and bonding in lots of ways–playing weekly games, sharing photos, and celebrating each others’ birthdays.

These endeavors have real impact in our workers’ lives. Our workers overwhelmingly agree that they are proud to tell people about their MobileWorks job, that they feel their work is meaningful, that they feel a part of a community. These sentiments have tangible benefits for us and for our clients.

We believe that happy people do better work. Happy people stick around and create great relationships with our clients. Happy people are fun collaborative partners.

To see how we’re doing, we asked our community how MobileWorks has changed their lives. Here are a few of their responses:

“I have met a lot of friends from other places and it is overwhelming to know more about their culture and our differences. Respect is the main ingredient why I am here. Second, responsibility and lastly, love of work.”

“Through MobileWorks I have a stable source of income. This has reduced my daily worries of lunch and supper. I’m happy. I’m able to support my parents, my sister and my girlfriend.”

“The opportunity to spend time with my family and earn money too gives me immense satisfaction. Even though I’m with my family I’m not wasting my talents. I have the option to choose my own time to work. I am so excited and happy  to be working with MobileWorks.”

We are constantly developing new ways for our community to bond with each other, foster delightful client relationships, and develop professionally. These endeavors pay off for our workers and our clients.

So today we wish you all a happy happiness day!

Here’s to recognizing and promoting happiness in the world around us!

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