Digital Jam 3.0 Inspires Caribbean Startup Ecosystem

Our Eastern Caribbean and Jamaica trainings culminated at the University of the West Indies this weekend at Digital Jam 3.0. The conference brought together great minds from start-ups and accelerators across the Caribbean and abroad to discuss how to create a thriving start-up ecosystem.

Julian Robinson, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining, kicked off the conference discussing Jamaica’s plan for supporting technological innovation (including developing an angel investment network).

Sunday’s main event was the apps competition drawing over 160 app submissions from countries including Jamaica, Barbados, and Dominica.

Finalists in four categories, including “gamechangers” and “stunning beginners” live demoed their apps for a panelist of judges.

Throughout the event we met lots of inspiring youth and young entrepreneurs. Here Anna-Lisa and Brianna are interviewing with the KiDz Hub radio station. We wish we would have been creating such change when we were 15 years old!

We continued to spread the world about online work opportunities at four MobileWorks training sessions during the conference. Again, youth wowed us with their skills and interests.

Special thanks to the World Bank & Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States for inviting us to attend the conference and share online work opportunities with so many incredible young people!

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