MobileWorks, The World Bank & OECS Team Up & Train Caribbean Youth

This past week, representatives from the MobileWorks team joined the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and The World Bank in an effort to educate and raise awareness around employment opportunities available to skilled workers in the Caribbean via online platforms. We were thrilled with the turnout at training sessions at Dominica College in Dominica, the Caribbean Development Bank in Barbados, and The Ministry of Technology and Education in Grenada. We garnered over 30+ trainees each session, ranging in age from 18-35, and all of which held college level degrees or were in the process of earning a degree.

This effort is part of a larger effort, DigitalJam 3.0, which aims to address the issue of youth unemployment in the region through opportunists in the technology field. 

“Through workshops on app development and online work platforms, they can become part of a global workforce, even become entrepreneurs. At the 2-day conference it is our intention start the conversation between Regional & Global leaders in the tech field and these talented youth, hopefully leading to greater opportunities for them starting now.” – Carolyn Lazarus, Digital Jam 3.0

In the Caribbean young professionals tend to be in their teens upon graduating. This poses a challenge upon entering a limited workforce. Platforms like MobileWorks allow young professionals to develop skills and build their resumes enabling them to be more competitive and skilled for local jobs. Essentially, the MobileWorks platform encourages productivity while adding a competitive advantage. Young professionals feel empowered through the work we provide.

“To most, “seeing is believing” and in this globally competitive society it is important to bring practical solutions to the Caribbean that are not scams. From Silicon Valley to the Caribbean, MobileWorks representatives have brought these opportunities to the typical islander through the Digital Jam 3.0 initiative.

Our team was pleased to take part in this journey. MobileWorks is far more than a technology startup, we stand by our mission of creating access to online job opportunities for skilled individuals across the globe, regardless of locally available job opportunities.

“The introduction of innovative services like MobileWorks is a significant opportunity for Caribbean nationals as we look to compete in the online global society. This platform moves us beyond the basic concepts of information technology into a more practical use of technology by aiding to alleviate the problem of unemployment in the region. MobileWorks is an innovative company providing e-Lancing opportunities that removes the geographic barriers to employment.” – Marlon Marie, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

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