Without Their Permission book tour after party with reddit founder Alexis Ohanian

He came, he saw, he inspired.

Some of you may know Alexis Ohanian for redefining how we share and validate information on the web- the founding of reddit. Others may know him for helping launch hipmunk, his work with SOPA & PIPA and for his recent addition as a Y Combinator partner.

We all know him as a visionary and a voice of our generation. By generation, I’m referring to those that have grown up with the evolution of the Internet.

What’s he up to now? Alexis has embarked on an 100 stop, 65 college, 5 month long tour promoting internet entrepreneurship, which lead to a  lecture at the UC Berkeley Campus. Following his lecture he stopped by MobileWorks HQ in downtown Berkley. This called for an after party.


It’s only natural that Alexis has become an advocate and trusted advisor of MobileWorks, we’re redefining how the world works…literally. We’re leveraging technology and the internet to provide jobs to skilled workers around the world. Alexis took part in the syndication of valuable information around the world and in turn provided the necessary tools to help educate. We’re now identifying those that are educated and should have jobs however simply lack access.

Thank you Alexis and thanks to everyone that stopped by our office!

Team MobileWorks
Party Pics:


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