Fox Business: MobileWorks, finding workers via the cloud [Video]

Watch now.

Our founder and CEO, Anand Kulkarni, appeared on Fox Business this week to discuss how MobileWorksharnesses the power of the crowd to connect high-skilled workers with companies in need of manpower.

“This is the next logical step…Companies are finding they need more flexibility than just hiring folks in their own backyards. If they find someone who is really talented, and willing to work 10-to-20 hours a week, they can hire that staffer no matter where they are in the world.”Kulkarni says

Although larger brands such as  Xerox and eBay currently leverage MobileWorks, we believe there’s a need for virtual workforces in the small/medium sized business markets. Scaling as a SMB  is a doubled-edged sword. Not only must you hire to remain competitive but you must remain competitive on a low budget.  SMB’s  generally lack the necessary resources to hire and scale efficiently. MobileWorks is helping ease the growing pains.

Watch now.

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