MobileWorks Announces Pro-bono Projects for Nonprofits

Do you have a data entry, transcription, or computer related project that your organization could use additional resources to complete? We’re here to help!

We realize at times, some of the most tedious and time consuming tasks can be a critical obstacle when understaffed. MobileWorks is leveraging our network of skilled workers and providing organizations the opportunity to complete work more efficiently, ultimately freeing up more resources to focus on tasks that mobilize change and impact our world!

We’re seeking to complete 3-5 pro-bono* projects for non-profit organizations located anywhere in the world.

Project requirements:

  • Data entry, data validation, research, photo editing, and short writing tasks.
  • Each project should contain at least 1,000 entries (Ex. 1,000 names to digitize, 1,000 companies to research)
  • Projects should have a 2-4 week turn-around time depending on project length

*There will be no cost to nonprofits to participate if their projects are selected!

Still not sure? Here’s a few more examples.

  • Find the name, address, and founder of a list of 1,000 businesses
  • Digitize a 200-page scanned list of conference attendees
  • Convert a 1,000 receipts from different stores into a typed spreadsheet

Why participate?

  • Complete work that’s been on your desk for months
  • Seamless experience from start to finish. Easy setup & execution.
  • Free!

Apply now and make a big impact on a small budget!

Contact annalisa@mobileworks with questions or submissions.

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