Support workers & their communities in the Philippines


At MobileWorks we employ people from all over the world–always seeking to employ high impact populations wherever they may be. As you may or may not know, many of our best workers live in the Philippines.

The Philippines is currently experiencing  a super typhoon with flooding and severe damage across the Southern part of the country. Wind gusts of up to 200 mph make this one of the worst storms ever recorded. To show our support to our workers, their families, and their communities in the Philippines, we’ve started a donation campaign here.
100% of contributions will go to the Kapuso Foundation to support disaster and medical relief services. (This foundation was recommended to one of our workers in the Philippines!)
Please note that if you have a dedicated staffer in the Philippines, there may be delays in updates for your work as many of these workers have been displaced from their homes and may not have access to the internet. Premier workers from other locations will be sending updates to projects as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience while we help workers reorganize!
We appreciate all your love and support for our workers and their communities! We’ll pass the love along.
To join us in support, click here.

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