Make Things [That You Know] People Want

Pick a startup and walk into their office (or garage, or dorm room, or co-working space), and there’s a good chance that someone has posted on a wall that familiar bit of entrepreneurial wisdom – “make things people want.”

The ubiquity of this phrase – like signs reminding employees that they have to wash their hands after using the bathroom – shows something about how hard it is to keep this goal in mind at all times, and what can happens when you forget. Sure, everyone wants to build something that people want. Many go beyond this, dreaming of building products that are so desirable that it quickly becomes irreplaceable, leaving people to wonder what people ever did before it came along.

But building something great, and building something great that people truly want are, unfortunately, not close to the same thing.

“Build it and they will come”

At the very earliest steps of creating something people want, the first step is often focusing on building something that you want – a better way to split the check, or a tool to simplify your workflow and keep your team in the loop. Then you ask your friends – they love it. Your mom loves it. Your coworkers love it.

But does anyone else?

And what do you do when you need to see if this is something other people want? What if you are building a product that is focused on solving problems that you don’t have?

You are going to need to talk to people – specifically, the same folks who you hope will be using and buying what you make.

“When designing for other people you have to be empirical. You can no longer guess what will work; you have to find users and measure their responses.” -PG

Determining product fit isn’t something that has to wait until after everything has been built – and selling the right product doesn’t always have to wait until it’s baked and sitting on the shelf. We think there’s a better way, and we want to make it as easy for startups and small companies to better reach out to potential customers and markets without stressing a team that’s already working on bringing an idea to life.

That’s why we launched LeadGenius, the easiest way to generate and research sales leads – so that your people can focus on what they do best, while we push the right people directly to you. It’s a tool that allows you to quickly get in front of people who will tell you exactly what they want – whether that’s what you are building, or not.

We think the time that you’d be spending finding the right people to talk to about your product is better served by actually creating your product. Our flexible teams don’t just send you lists – they research the space, contact potential customers, and set you up with the right people. We can even help you do ROI analysis, and handle your email outreach.

Markets that don’t exist don’t care how smart you are. Leadgenius makes it easy to get in front of the right people for your product, so you can get back to making the next thing that people want.


Want leads sent directly to your inbox? Check our our plans, or drop us a line.

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