LeadGeni.us: User acquisition as a service

A recent Paul Graham essay talked about the importance of manual user acquisition for companies.

We couldn’t agree more.  Here at MobileWorks, we’ve been running manual user acquisition as a service for a whole bunch of YC companies (from Stripe to Zenefits).

I’m pleased to announce that we’re offering this to non-YC companies and the broader public for the first time.

We’d like to do this for your company, too.

Meet LeadGeni.us:

For a given market segment, we can:
– get you a new list every week of target users you want to talk to from a variety of sources
– help you reach out to them individually by email, at scale, using human beings, to get signups and user conversations
– reproduce this process systematically as you go from 10->1M users.

A few cool examples:
– Firebase is identifying every top developer on Github and reaching out to them to talk about Firebase (B2D)
– Stripe is evaluating 100 new companies a day and figuring out which ones will need a payment processor (B2Startup)
– Zenefits built out a massive list of potential users, then sent each one a handwritten invitation (B2B)
It even works for recruiting and press outreach.

Here’s how it works.

Behind the scenes, we use a community of expert LeadGenius researchers and writers to carry out the work – folks who know where to find users and how to talk to them:

– Researchers collect facts about large numbers of potential users to decide if they’re worth contacting and what kind of pitch would interest them.  (We’ve pulled potential users on Craigslist, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Kickstarter, private and public databases, and the web as a whole.)
– Writers craft custom outreach emails to prospective users at scale, and send them out from your email address.
– Interested users write back to you directly or click through to your site
– You get ROI data on what lead sources and templates work best for you.

LeadGenius fills a missing gap between Google Adwords and having an in-house sales team.  We’re confident enough that the results are terrific to offer a ridiculously nice guarantee: if you don’t like what you get, we’ll cheerily make it right or refund you.

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