Can startups fight unemployment? Introducing Work for America.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about why startups don’t spend time attacking big social problems.

Here’s an idea.  What if the network of disruptive startups being created in Silicon Valley could band together to disrupt unemployment itself, right here in the US? Today, we’re announcing a new experiment to try and do exactly that.

MobileWorks, Inc., has partnered with civic agencies in the US to start letting organizations throughoutthe web and all over Silicon Valley work with American workers in job training programs for short online work projects over three-month engagements.

We’re calling it the Work for America program, and we’re putting out an open call for any interested companies or individuals to pick up the last few slots. For the next seven days, Work for America is giving away heavily-subsidized project work for $600.

It’s a chance to get some high-quality work done right here in the United States while helping US workers in need develop basic technology skills.

What can you get done?

After the program ends, participants will be able to take skills learned working on Silicon Valley’s projects with them as they’re placed into full-time jobs in their own communities.

For this experiment, we’re making 150 projects available.  To make sure they run out fast, we’re opening this up to the public for just 8 days starting today.

Can Silicon Valley disrupt unemployment in the rest of America?  We can try.  Let’s see what we find out.Click here to reserve a project.

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