MobileWorks solves the “find-the-worker” problem on Elance

In Reuters, Jeremy Wagstaff explains how MobileWorks has a leg up on outsourcing and on freelancer marketplaces like Elance:

“In the past couple of years, other startups have tried to mend weak links in the chain. A potential employer posting a project on Elance or oDesk, for example, can be overwhelmed by applicants – making it difficult for them to find the best freelancers quickly, and harder for freelancers to stand out from the crowd.

Kulkarni hopes to solve this problem by having his startup MobileWorks train workers to guarantee quality, and by breaking down projects into micro-tasks to lift less-skilled workers onto their first rung. Tasks range from transcribing hedge fund forms to generating sales leads.

‘This is moving the entire BPO industry – that was dominated by these large middlemen organisations that take most of the profits – to the cloud,’ says Anand Kulkarni, an academic-turned-entrepreneur. ‘Now you no longer need to be able to afford Infosys rates to be able to get quality results out of an outsourcing system.’ “

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