Crowds for a Cause: we’re giving away a month of free work.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of our crowd computing platform, MobileWorks is providing one full month* of accurate crowdsourcing power to an inspirational nonprofit, government entity, or academic institution that is working to make the world a better place. Interested? Tell us why your favorite organization should be accepted and what they would use the MobileWorks crowd to do by applying before August 30.

Image credit: Will Clayton

What could your favorite organization do with one month of free time with the MobileWorks crowd? Some examples might include:

  • Generate a list of 10,000 new leads to register for bone marrow donation
  • Turning stacks of paper into digital files for a local health clinic
  • Eliminating all the duplicate names in a database of donors
  • Transcribing hours of audio from your library’s archives
  • Labeling millions of proteins to discover new treatments for disease
  • Categorizing all the archeological data discovered at a recent dig
  • …limitless other possibilities!

Any charity, research group at an academic institution, or non-profit organization is eligible to apply. Apply hereusing this entry form. And help spread the word!

Not a nonprofit organization?  You can still use the MobileWorks crowd to get just about any online work done for just $5 an hour.  Try it out now or drop us a line at

*That’s equivalent to 30 full-time person-days!

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