10,000 new microwork jobs in Jamaica

We’re pleased to announce that MobileWorks has just made a deal facilitated by the Jamaican government to use MobileWorks as the centerpiece of a brand new online work industry for the country.

MobileWorks was chosen due to our stated commitment to “fair trade” work practices and the technical openness of our platform — anyone can build out their own service applications to market in the West and generate local work, and young developers in Jamaica have already started building local businesses on MobileWorks.

As far as I know, this is the first time a government has embraced the potential of crowd work as an alternative industry to traditional employment models: they are explicitly rejecting traditional models of working with conventional outsourcing providers and large companies, and picking up crowdsourcing as the future of work for Jamaica and a model for high-unemployment regions in the Caribbean.

The hope is that as crowd computing and microwork expands, it will disrupt and replace the knowledge outsourcing industry that’s been owned by India and China.
You can read the story in the Jamaican press, here and here.

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