Turbocharging MobileWorks: Job management, webhooks+callbacks, and HTML5 support

Since launching our beta in August, we’ve received a lot of feedback from developers about how to make MobileWorks better, faster, and stronger. We’ve launched a new generation of features that make using crowds in your applications easier than ever. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:

HTML5 Support:

Designing crowdsourcing tasks has historically been a major difficulty for developers, so MobileWorks has always made posting simple tasks really easy. Here’s an example of how a question is presented to the crowd:

Almost all of this rendering and design happens without any action on the part of the user – you just ask your question and it’s presented naturally.

However, a few developers had needs for more sophisticated, customized interfaces for interacting with the MobileWorks crowd.

As a result MobileWorks now lets you embed complex questions into a Javascript or rich HTML interface that lets you post any structure you like. It’s as simple as putting HTML and JS into your ‘question’ parameter.  Be as creative as you like!

Job Management:

With bulk uploads, developers can now post hundreds of task at once instead of having to loop over individual tasks. A bulk upload unit is called a “job” and can consist of any number of individual tasks.  An example of a curl call is given below:

curl –dump-header – -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST –data
‘{“tasks”: [{“question”: “What is two plus two?”, “answerType”: “t”},{“question”: “What is seven plus eight?”, “answerType”: “t”}],
“webHooksUrl”:”http://www.yourURLhere.com/”}’ https://sandbox.mobileworks.com/api/v1/job/ -u yourusername:yourpassword

New API options:

trackingId lets you, optionally, mark individual tasks with a unique tag of your choice, for better integration with your own task management platforms.

webHooksUrl: Webhooks let you receive the answers for a job as soon as they’re available via a POST request to a url of your choice. You don’t have to poll tasks for answers anymore. You can receive callbacks for individual tasks as well – just post a job with a single task and you’ll receive a callback as soon as the task is done.

Want to get up to speed fast? Just visit http://www.mobileworks.com/developers/index.html

Try it now!

Here at MobileWorks, we’re always working on improving giving our developers the right tools to quickly integrate crowds into their application, as we build the world’s best crowdsourcing engine. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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