MobileWorks in the Press: October Round-up

Crowdsourcing makes for a spectacular tech press story, and MobileWorks is no exception. We combine something fundamentally exciting and new from a technology standpoint – reliable API access to human brainpower! – with a human interest story that can’t be beat.  After all, where else can you solve hard AI problems while battling poverty?

In a recent Xconomy interview, we talked with Wade Roush about how we expect technology crowdsourcingto provide a new kind of employment option to folks out of work both in the US and throughout the world.

MIT Technology Review writes about our upcoming native support for real-time crowd applications, mirroring innovations happening in the academic research world.

John Roach at MSNBC points out that we’re weaving crowdsourcing into computer software for only pennies per application.

We’ve also seen coverage in Slashdot, an extensive Q&A with the developer community at Hacker News, andlaunch coverage at TechCrunch

Wondering what all the press is about?  Try MobileWorks yourself online at It’s the easiest (and the fairest!) way to put a crowd into your software.

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