MobileWorks has three new partners.

It’s out of the bag. MobileWorks is happy to announce that we’ve accepted investments from Y Combinator, SV Angel, and DST. This means that some of the smartest incubation money in the Valley is betting that crowdsourcing-as-a-service can follow in the footsteps of powerful technology platforms and marketplaces like Heroku, Dropbox, Clustrix, and AirBnB.

We’re pleased to welcome these three strong groups onto our team as we continue on our quest to change the way the world works online.

Crowdsourcing is a powerful force and growing trend in the way work is being done on the web. We’re seeing new applications emerge every day. Until now, using crowds has required tremendous expertise in how to recruit workers, manage crowds, and obtain accurate results.  By managing these automatically, MobileWorks provides a radically simple way to use crowds in all kinds of applications.

If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?  You can put human intelligence into your software.  (Really!)  Try it out at  We’re changing the way the world works, for the better.

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